Information For Vendors

We want to include the greatest chefs, cooks, and vendors in Montgomery County, representing the great variety of foods & beverages our area has to offer.

Why Participate in the Taste?

So many reasons!

  • Great community exposure to over 2,000 people…
  • Vendors receive 90% of the money their booth generates. This is a higher percentage than other major local events. Half the vendors made over $1,000 in 2015…
  • A personal venue where you can market other services you might provide: catering, gift shops, memberships, meeting space, specialty foods, etc…
  • Networking between vendors. Over the years several vendors have made arrangements to provide specialty items to one another…
  • Great for staff morale—it’s a fun event that is out of the routine…
  • It demonstrates an interest in the community that is much appreciated by the visitors, which leads to follow-up dining experiences…
  • The social media and other marketing for the TASTE done by the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum reaches many thousands of people in and around Montgomery County…
  • And you get to listen to great music while you work!

Vendor Application Deadline

June 30, 2021

The Taste! Committee will meet mid-July to review applicants and food items you plan to feature. We will review the menus in hopes of preventing duplication or saturation of specific items. We will notify you of any changes after that date.

Apply online here: ‎


If you decide to have a separate booth serving alcohol, the Lew Wallace Study will secure the liquor license for this event. In recent years we have changed the alcohol policy—if you wish to offer an alcoholic beverage, you will need a separate booth from your food booth. The roped-off area will be for alcohol only—no food booths will be located or serving inside this area.

Booth space is limited and placement will be on a first-come, first serve basis.

Vendor Contact

If you’re interested in being a food vendor at the TASTE, contact Museum Director Larry Paarlberg for more information.

Phone: 765-362-5769

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