A sampling of delicious dessert food at the TASTE of Montgomery CountyOur vendors offer a variety of food and drink every year! Local restaurants and caterers offer a delicious combination of ethnic items and family favorites. We even have gluten-free and vegan options!

Past Food Vendors

The following vendors participated in the 2019 TASTE. New menus are coming in weekly, so this list will be updated frequently.

We are delighted to have several new food vendors this year. Joining us for the first time are Bravo Fernandez, Francis & Mount, Hoosier Ice Queen, Jack’s Donuts, Warehouse Bakery, Sugar Creek Winery, and Wildfire348!

  • Barefoot Burger: Ribeye Sandwich (4)
  • Bravo Fernandez Tacos: Taco de Asada (2); Taco Gringo (3)
  • China Inn: Crab Rangoon (2); Chicken Skewers (3);Spicy Crab Sushi Rolls (4)
  • Francis & Mount: Shrimp Skewers (4); Steak Skewers (4); Hummus & Pita (4)
  • Hawg Wild BBQ: BBQ Pork (4); Brats (4); Roast Hog (4); Baked Beans (2); Coleslaw (2)
  • Hoosier Ice Queen: Hawaiian Ice (3)
  • Jack’s Donuts: Donuts (1); Gluten Free Donuts (2); Apple Fritters (2); Smoothies & Frappes (4); Brewed Flavor Coffees (2)
  • Jesus Kettle Korn: Original Kettle Corn (4); Caramel Corn (4); Lemon Shake-ups (4)
  • The Juniper Spoon: Lamb Curry w/Rice (4); Eggplant Curry w/Rice (3); Dahl-Coconut Lentils (3); Cucumber Tomato Chickpea Salad (2); Meadow Mint Tea (2)
  • Shannon Family Farms: Hoosier Muffuletta Sandwich (3); Grilled Italian Melt Sandwich (3); Vegetarian Rainbow Chopped Salad w/Honey Vinaigrette (2); Rainbow Chopped Salad w/Bacon & Honey Vinaigrette (2)
  • Sunoco Crawfordsville: Pork Tenderloin Slider (4); Chicken Tender w/Sauce (3); Fried Mushrooms (3); Vidalia Onion Rings (3); Funnel Cake Fries (3)
  • The Warehouse Bakery: Audrey’s Gourmet Cake Slices (2); Fruit Blossom Pastry (2); Sticky Bun Delight (1); Cinnamon Roll (1)
  • Wildfire348: Three Cheese Pizza (2); Pepperoni Honey Pie (2); Caramelized Onion & Bacon Pizza (2); Chicken, Artichoke & Pesto Pizza (2); Berry Mascarpone Dessert Pizza (2)

2019 Drink Vendors

We also have new drink vendors joining us this year! Francis & Mount will be serving wine and domestic beer. Sugar Creek Winery, which has a tasting room in Carmel, Indiana, will be serving wine made from grapes grown in northeast Montgomery County.


2018 food vendors

2018 drink vendors

Our 2018 drink vendors included two craft breweries and a local winery.


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